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Sparkle Thornton has studied Anusara, Vinyasa Flow and Kundalini Yoga for 20 years. Her classes are predominantly a blend of these styles. 

Yoga led her to study many other healing therapies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, EMDR, Craniosacral, Meditation, as well as Thai, Deep Tissue, Active Release Technique and Swedish Bodywork. 

Sparkle remains deeply connected to all of these practices both personally and professionally. 


She has taught yoga at Pandora HQ, Doordash HQ, Jewish Community Center San Francisco, Spirit Rock, Fabulosa Queers in Nature Fest, Mills College, YOGAY trans & queer yoga retreat, Lululemon Berkeley, and many yoga studios throughout the Bay Area (and North Carolina) over the past 12 years. 


Sparkle is a licensed massage therapist in private practice in Oakland, CA 

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